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Mythbusters: Heathy Food Can Be Affordable

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Many of us like to tell ourselves that "healthy food is too expensive so that's why we don't eat healthy." LIES. LIES. and MORE LIES.

Healthy food doesn't have to be expensive. Just because Karen told you to go to Whole Foods to get those organic cucumbers doesn't mean that is the only option. Here are some tips and tricks on how I keep my family and myself eating healthy on a budget because I am like Mr. Crabs and can make a penny go a long wayyyy.

Tip #1: RECYCLE!

What I mean by recycling my foods is simple. Just because I used a lemon to squirt lemon juice in a recipe, doesn't mean I can't use that same lemon to soak in my pitcher of water. As long as I washed the fruit, squeezed it what is wrong with throwing it in my gallon of water to add fruit flavors to my infused H2O? I do this with several food items. When I juice Kale, I am left with one cup of kale juice and an entire bag of dried Kale flakes. Those same flakes, and some leaves, I turn into a salad. So get creative in your household. I am not saying you have to turn your trash into treasure or make something out of the leftovers you ate on, but don't waste anything because it can be used for something else. If I have leftovers that can be used in a different dish, you are sure I will make a new meal out of it. Re-use and Recycle.

Tip #2: Add H2O

If you buy juice from the store, did you know it is has so much added sugar? Even if you think you are doing a good thing buying orange juice and apple juice and not sodas, it can still be made healthier. So many of those juices, ESPECIALLY IF IT SAYS FROM CONCENTRATE, have buttloads of sugar. I like to cut my sugar intake and stay full by doing a glass of half water and then juice. I still get the great tasting flavors of juice, but it is only a bit diluted from the water. I do it to my hubby sometimes and he can never tell the difference.

Tip #3: Shop Local or In Bulk

When I lived in Atlanta, GA. I would go to a warehouse that sold in bulk to restaurants. Any foods that were going to go bad soon were super cheap so I didn't mind cooking them that week. When you buy in bulk you can cook and use what you need then freeze the rest. This also saves you from having to go to the grocery store numerous times a month. Now that I am living in Louisiana, I shop at local farmers market. Everything there is super cheap and fresh.

Tip #4: Do It Yourself

The most expensive food items can be the ones that are already made. If you are buying baskets full of ready made meals then yes that adds up and you aren't getting much. If you buy the same ingredients needed to make that meal and do it yourself, you get much more food. It is way better to cook or make whatever it is you are looking for yourself than buying it. The other night I needed teriyaki sauce for my lettuce wraps. Instead of going buy a little bottle of it, I made a huge bottle myself because I found a 3-ingredient recipe for it on Pinterest. Instead of buying gallons of juice for my toddler, I like to make fresh juice and add water to it so it last us all week.

Tip #5: Keep It Simple

I talk a lot about this in my book, I Killed My Father's Killer. You can find it here on my website or on Amazon. I hate going to the grocery store and having massive list. I like to keep things simple. There are several recipes that call for the same basic ingredients so I like to keep my house stocked with those items. You have to learn to be flexible too. Just because a Phillycheesetake calls for Po-Boy bread or like the Northerners say, Hoagie bread, doesn't mean it has to be on that bread. If I am making my husband that and don't have that particular bread I will use a wrap instead. If you can learn to be flexible and keep it simple, you will be alright. To be honest, I don't use every ingredient listed on every recipe and it comes out tasting good. So what if you didn't have it perfect...

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