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Dating During Quarantine

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Some couples split up during the Covid-19 lockdown from being stuck in a house together, while other couples and families thrived due to the quality time spent with one another. This unprecedented times have shown us the true meaning of living together, growing together and making the most out of every minute.

My husband and I are spoiled by our date nights that we try to do at least once a week. That means finding a babysitter for our little boy and then finding something for us to do. My husband, DePaul, and I both work from home so watching TV, reading books and cooking are things that we do on a day-to-day basis. We like to do something outside of our normal routine for date nights; however, Covid made that pretty hard to do.

We couldn't resort back to our fun times of bowling, going to the movie theater or even out to dinner since many restaurants shut down during Phase 1 of the Coronavirus. During phase 2, restaurants were slowly starting to open back up, but not many other places were so we had to continue to get creative with our date night planning strategies.

Below are a few fun, creative and low-cost date nights that you can continue to use even after the pandemic. I know we sure will continue to use them.


Staying at home and doing some sort of arts and crafts can be fun. My husband decided to pick up woodworking and is making new furniture and decor for our home. However, this can be painting together or any other craft hobby. During the quarantine lots of stores had online pickup so we were able to get everything we needed to do the work at home.

Dinner Date Nights At Home with Takeout

This is fun and easy because it is mindless. All you have to do is listen to your tastebuds and order whatever food you can agree on. Turn on Netflix, eat, chill and enjoy time together. If you have little ones, this can be done after you put them down for bed. Once the kids are in bed, be sure to add in a food massage or two to get the night ended off right. ;)

Parking lot dinner dates

During Phase 2 this was me and my husband's favorite. We would go to restaurants and order charcuterie boards and sip wine in the parking lot over great conversations.


Whether we were having a picnic, eating a meal or just hanging out we would use this Marriage question cards that have really detailed questions on them for your spouse to answer. The cards even had scriptures on them to apply Biblical truth to the questions and apply it to your answers. Google and Pinterest has great examples and free ones to use.


Picnics were one of my favorites because I enjoyed planning the healthy and yummy snacks and enjoying it with my husband in nice weather. If we wanted some quality time together as a family or couldn't get a sitter, we could fit in a Picnic to get out of the house. Cuddling on top of a cozy blanket or enjoying a BackRub in the great outdoors was definitely some fun in the sun.

Cooking Together

If we didn't want to go anywhere we would go get groceries together, fix a glass of wine and then make dinner together. This helped my husband gain a deeper appreciation for every meal I made him while teaching me patience.

Gamenights (SkipBo)

Cashflow Quadrant, by Robert Kiyosaki, is one of our favorite books and boardgames. There were many nights where we enjoyed a few games to see who could beat each other the most amount of times while learning a lot about how we thought as individual spenders. For a not so serious game, we loved to play Skipbo and Un together.

Dreambuilding with Youtube Videos on traveling

We would sit back for hours and watch travel videos and plan our upcoming trips once lockdown would be over. This would lead to deeper conversations about our future life together, kids and other deep and intimate convos. We were looking at $400,000 homes on Zillow in hopes to move once Covid was over, and that dream manifested during Phase 2! Never underestimate the power of you and your significant other dream building.

Dreamingbuilding making dream boards

This is something we do every anniversary to keep our dreams and goals in front of us. This activity opens us both up to newer and bigger possibilities and keeps us on track and on the same page with what each individual wants.

Outdoor activities

I found my love for rollerskating again and my husband picked up his skateboard from his college days. We even included our little boy in this activities sometimes whether that was in his stroller, hooking him up to a wagon or on the back of a bicycle. Some family activities we did outside were bubble machines which our little boy loved or chalking up the driveway and doing drawling contest.

Alone Time

Now this one is for you married couples if you know what I mean...Sometimes lying down together in bed in nothing but your birthday suit is one of the simplest things you can do together as a couple that will bring you so much closer together. Get rid of all of those flaws that you think you have, because I am sure your partner loves all of you! So enjoy some alone time just laying there, cuddling and dreaming together (skin to skin) and who knows what that will lead to. ;)

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