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5 Cleaning Tips That Surprised Me

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

According to research, the most dreaded household chores include doing the dishes and doing the laundry. Enjoy these cleaning tips that should make your life a whole lot easier.

1. Who cleans usually cleans their dishes in hot or warm water?

Interesting enough, this can make starchy foods or dairy foods sticky and HARDER to clean. So next time you are fixing to clean the rice pot or a bowl of pasta you just ate, rinse it in COLD water to make your job easier.

2. Do a little every day. I love using this principle I learned in the book, The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy. If you do a little bit of something everyday it makes the task less daunting and you are more likely to get better results. So don't designate one day for laundry. If your schedule allows, do a load a day and FOLD IT IMMEDIATELY. If you can do the dishes after your meal, no matter how tired you are DO IT. Stop saying I'll get to I later and making your life more stressful. If you want to get your hands on A FREE COPY OF THIS BOOK message me on FB for details. My husband and I went from living in a 700 sq. foot apartment to a 2,200 foot home and I haven't gotten a cleaning lady yet because I am knocking out a little everyday to keep up with it all.

3. Have the whole family help. If you are reading this, I am 99.9% sure you are a woman. So you are the wife and may think it is your duty to do it all yourself, but I am here to say a little help goes a long way. No matter how big or small, your kids can help. No matter how much work your hubby does, he can help. It is his undies you are cleaning so he can help out every now and then. It's the roof over your kids heads so they can pitch in too. My one year old LOVES to load the dryer and unload the washer. He even helps with the dishwasher as long as I remove all the knives. So accept help in any way you can and get creative. Make it fun!!!

4. DONE is better than perfect. I get it. Lots of women like their towels folded a certain way or something has to be "a particular way." We have to let go of these things we tell ourselves because as long as the clothes are clean, folded and put in the correct drawer does it really matter if the sleeve is hanging off of the hanger. Does it really matter if the towels aren't folded corner to corner so perfect. Once you get that out of your brain and the chore is done, you can move on to some family time or something to be more productive in your life.

5. Listen to a podcast or watch your favorite TV show while doing the chore. I look forward to doing laundry now because it is my 3x a week BIG BROTHER on CBS time. I love doing it when Lincoln is sleeping because then I really get some alone time and by the time the episode is half way through I am 1 load down. So listen to music to make the time pass, grow your mind with a podcast, or look forward to it with your fave TV show!

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